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enlist (oneself) for something

to sign up for something; to enroll for something. Sam wouldn't enlist for service. Todd enlisted himself for the army last week.
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enlist(oneself) in something

to join something; to join the armed services. She decided not to enlist herself in the air force. Bill enlisted in the army.
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enlist someone for something

to enroll someone for something; to seek help for something from someone. I enlisted all of them for the understudy parts. Can I enlist you for the committee?
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enlist someone in something

to recruit someone into something; to recruit someone into the armed services. They tried to enlist me in the army, but I decided against it. David enlisted his brother in an organization that gave assistance to peasants in South America.
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References in classic literature ?
He abandoned the university to enlist in the aristocratic regiment of Life Guards, and he remained in the army, apparently, for seven or eight years, though he seems not to have been in active service and became a recognized wit at the London coffee-houses.
I believe I shall enlist in your regiment to-night.
Michael enlists in the Army and quickly returns home from boot camp after he is accidentally shot during a training evolution.
A second type of distributed computing enlists PC owners in such rote, time-consuming tasks as proofreading, filing, and cataloging.
1) Peter Dobson enlists his family to help fight against crime in the HBO series ``Cover Me,'' premiering tonight.
The first Corporate Development Consulting Agreement enlists the services of Global-Tek Business Development, Inc.
The Financial Consulting Agreement enlists the services of Mr.
Here, Martin again enlists director Frank Oz as his partner in duplicity, and the teaming works as well as it did with ``Dirty Rotten Scoundrels'' and ``Housesitter.
AFW's Men's Anti-Violence Network (MAN) enlists the help of prominent community leaders to focus on prevention and abuser accountability.
Birman's approach with physician-to-physician consulting, aligned with PMMC's specialized hospital data management and analysis creates a powerful tool, which enlists the support of a hospital's medical staff.