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enlist (oneself) for something

to sign up for something; to enroll for something. Sam wouldn't enlist for service. Todd enlisted himself for the army last week.
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enlist(oneself) in something

to join something; to join the armed services. She decided not to enlist herself in the air force. Bill enlisted in the army.
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enlist someone for something

to enroll someone for something; to seek help for something from someone. I enlisted all of them for the understudy parts. Can I enlist you for the committee?
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enlist someone in something

to recruit someone into something; to recruit someone into the armed services. They tried to enlist me in the army, but I decided against it. David enlisted his brother in an organization that gave assistance to peasants in South America.
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She appealed the displaced persons of Bara to instantly reach to enlisting centers being set up to enlist their names with FDMA to get required facilities.
The report found soldiers who enlisted at 16 and completed training were about twice as likely to die in Afghanistan as those enlisting at 18 or above.
In this special report, you'll get details on initiatives and interventions for decreasing non-urgent ED use, mining data to target high-utilization, high-cost individuals, implementing an ED case management program, communicating proper ED use to targeted populations and enlisting physicians' support in care redirection and appropriate ED use.
Though not a traditional path to a nursing career, Derr said enlisting in the Army helped him fulfill his dreams of working in medicine.
She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue .
Mother Mary is the Army wife who was deterred from enlisting by her father, another career soldier.
Among the Princeton graduates drafted or enlisting around then Neil Rudenstine, now Harvard's president; The New York Times's R.
Among the most odious tactics used by the defendants were enlisting the assistance of government and judicial officials in pursuing and winning falsified bankruptcy proceedings against the plant and, in direct retaliation for using the US court system to enforce a prior arbitration judgment, issuing baseless criminal indictments against former plant manager Mikhail Zhivilo, thereby forcing him to flee Russia.
All individuals enlisting for the active-Army Officer Candidate School option are eligible for an $8,000 bonus, payable upon successful completion of OCS training and commissioning.
His mother thinks that enlisting has given her son a purpose he didn't have before the attacks.
The strategy, loosely outlined at a daylong conference at Occidental College, aims to raise student achievement and transform the culture of Los Angeles schools by enlisting broad community support.
Right away this should give us thousands of new tutors, a down payment toward our goal of enlisting 100,000 work-study students to help America read,'' the president said in his weekly radio address.