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enlist (oneself) for something

to sign up for something; to enroll for something. Sam wouldn't enlist for service. Todd enlisted himself for the army last week.
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enlist(oneself) in something

to join something; to join the armed services. She decided not to enlist herself in the air force. Bill enlisted in the army.
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enlist someone for something

to enroll someone for something; to seek help for something from someone. I enlisted all of them for the understudy parts. Can I enlist you for the committee?
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enlist someone in something

to recruit someone into something; to recruit someone into the armed services. They tried to enlist me in the army, but I decided against it. David enlisted his brother in an organization that gave assistance to peasants in South America.
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Our enlisted members are the backbone of our Air Force Reserve and will remain as such in the future.
Contact Information: Steve McClelland, STEP (Support the Enlisted Project) Email / (858) 695-6810 (telephone)
Senior Chief Davila said that it is very important for everyone, including the general or flag officer, his spouse, the enlisted aide, the aide de camp, the flag aide, and all other personal staff, to be familiar with the instruction so that gray areas do not exist.
His brother, Thomas Dolligan, also a native of Ireland, was a 19-year-old "factory operative" who enlisted on Jan.
It is estimated of the first 600 footballers that enlisted in the battalion 500 were lost.
The enlisted women in submarines task force issued a targeted survey to more than 50,000 enlisted females in April of 2014.
The operational analysis of the past 10 years reveals that the joint professional enlisted corps, specifically midgrade and senior enlisted leaders, complements the officer joint competencies of strategic-mindedness, critical thinking, skilled joint warfighting, process development, and planning in the tactical and operational battlespace and on joint force staffs.
Top enlisted airmen attend the Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course that was created in 2005.
Another exhibit, the "Wall of Achievers," features former enlisted airmen who have achieved fame in civilian careers or attained star ranks in the military services.
I don't know of any other president sitting down with the senior enlisted advisors," Preston said.
Top enlisted performers who possess strong leadership potential, have been recognized as Junior Sailors or Bluejackets of the Quarter or who graduated in the top 20 percent in their "A" and "C" schools are encouraged to apply by Jan.
Gardner (SFC RET) is a government contractor with Janus Research Group with placement in the Office Chief of Signal Enlisted Division as a Force Structure/Data Analyst.
WASHINGTON -- Air Force officials recently announced plans to meet the 2008 fiscal year end-strength of 328,600, which calls for a force reduction of about 5,400 officers and enlisted members through normal attrition, retirement, or force-shaping measures.
Every name has a story, every name has a family, and every name is a lasting piece of our Enlisted Heritage.
The Airmen Memorial Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and telling the stories of the enlisted airmen who have served with skill, dedication, and compassion for nearly a century.