enlist in

enlist(oneself) in something

to join something; to join the armed services. She decided not to enlist herself in the air force. Bill enlisted in the army.
See also: enlist

enlist someone in something

to recruit someone into something; to recruit someone into the armed services. They tried to enlist me in the army, but I decided against it. David enlisted his brother in an organization that gave assistance to peasants in South America.
See also: enlist
References in classic literature ?
You will go tomorrow to the keeper of the Towers and enlist in that game for which the girl is to be the stake, telling the keeper that you are from Manataj, the farthest city of Manator.
He abandoned the university to enlist in the aristocratic regiment of Life Guards, and he remained in the army, apparently, for seven or eight years, though he seems not to have been in active service and became a recognized wit at the London coffee-houses.
I believe I shall enlist in your regiment to-night.
They did not publicly enlist in the black cause, but their passive support was assured when King recognized non-violence as a tactical as well as a moral imperative.
Mentally retarded people left the institutions where they lived to enlist in the armed forces.
Enlistment propensity," the researchers say, "is reported as the percentage of youth who indicate they would |definitely' or |probably' enlist in the next few years.