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enlighten someone

(about someone or something) and enlighten someone (on someone or something) to tell someone the facts about someone or something. Please enlighten me about this trip you are planning. Would you enlighten me on the current state of things? Enlighten me about Sarah. She enlightened herself about automobile engines.
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The reason for this is the heritage given to us by our enlightener, St.
The late 3rd-century St Nina is known as the Enlightener of the Georgians.
The Gartenlaube, founded in 1853, viewed itself as both enlightener and entertainer of the German people; its main task was to bring the nation to mainstream readership.
The angelic voice of lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and all-round spiritual enlightener Crispian, son of actress Hayley Mills, is the real success and mystery behind the band.
Although Lessing never came up in high school - instead, we read Goethe and Schiller, Heine and Hauptmann - I nevertheless inherited the concept of the enlightener found in his one-act play Die Juden (The Jews) or Nathan der Weise (Nathan the Wise).
The Enlightener power button shines flashes to life in a sharp line of bright blue neon when the notebook is turned on, along with the CineDash media console.
But it can also refer to the roles he takes on when he manifests himself: creator, preserver, destroyer, obscurer, enlightener.
Of course he does not do this because he believes in his own "involvement," and he thinks that with his stories about customs and mores of the provinces, stories which no one reads (just as no one reads anything at all), he plays the part of the people's enlightener, which is then identified with involvement.
30) "The way of the Lord" has a Deutero-Isaian meaning: "the highway along which God himself moves as the invisible but powerfully present comforter of the afflicted, liberator of captives, and enlightener of the blind.
Thus, for Kirn, Ewald could be called either a pietistic Enlightener or an enlightened Pietist without any contradiction.
Fully aware of these limitations, the melody is sung in the holy words of the great enlighteners of truth, Guru Nanak, Guru Arjan and Guru Gobind Singh.
But the prominent enlighteners Firdovsi, Rudaki, Avisenna, Nizami, Sadi, Hafiz and others proved that the age of Novruz is older.
The small mountainous country is the home of Alexander the Great, enlighteners Cyril and Methodius and almost 1,000 years later, Mother Teresa.
On November 1, the Day of National Enlighteners in Bulgaria, students involved in the anti-government protests called for a nationwide strike.
We believe that Macedonian state institution will handle this case that happened on the same day of marking the Day of the Macedonian Enlighteners Cyril and Methodius," Hysa said.