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enjoin from (something)

To legally order or command someone to do something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enjoin" and "from." I'm worried that I'll be enjoined from seeing my kids if this complaint against me goes to court.
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enjoin to (do something)

To order someone to do something, often legally. The judge enjoined me to pay reparations to the people I'd wronged.
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enjoin someone or something from something

[for a court] to order someone or something not to do something. The judge enjoined her from further action in this matter. The company was enjoined from further dumping of waste.
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enjoin someone to do something

to order someone to do something. We sought to enjoin her to remain in office. Sally wants to enjoin the committee to finish its work on time.
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The one who enjoins good and forbids evil should know that the month of Ramadhn is a great opportunity for inviting towards Allh The Almighty, because the hearts of Muslims -- even the disobedient among them -- are tender and ready to receive good admonishment.
The Order also enjoins 444965 from dealing with its 40% interest in the Claims.
Masiz admitting or denying the allegations of the civil complaint, that likewise enjoins him from violating the antifraud and reporting provisions, and prevents him from serving as an officer or director of any public company, including Vaso Active, for a period of five years.
On May 29, 2003, the federal court entered a Consent Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction Against Defendants, which provides for the disgorgement of more than sixteen offending domain names, damages, and permanently enjoins the defendants, and those in active concert with them, from infringing MetroGuide intellectual property rights.
United States District Court Enjoins Pennzoil's "Repugnant"
com), the world's number one auction portal, today announced its response to an order from the United States District Court for the Northern District of California that enjoins Bidder's Edge from crawling the eBay Web site.
The injunction granted last July enjoins the defendants -- including Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures Industries, John Calley, and Kevin McClory -- from preparing, producing, distributing, or advertising of a James Bond film in any media throughout the United States based on claimed rights in Ian Fleming's copyrighted James Bond material.
5 million and enjoins certain conduct of the defendants in the future.