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engulf in (something)

To overwhelm and consume someone or something. The house was totally engulfed in flames by the time firefighters got there.
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engulf someone or something in something

[for the fog, a flood, or waves] to swallow up someone or something. The fog engulfed the small town in heavy mist. The waves engulfed the small boat in thousands of gallons of water.
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Most animals depend upon immune cells called macrophages to engulf and dismantle apoptotic cells, but in a pinch, other cells can also perform this task.
Researchers also have found a molecule on dying cells that tells macrophages to engulf them.
This invites macrophages to engulf the suicidal cells.
UNDER FIRE: As fire engulfs his Warrior, a burning British soldier dives from the turret of the armoured vehicle with a ball of flame erupting around his head
1 -- color) Fire engulfs a house in Stevenson Ranch on Friday.
Now, it just engulfs us,'' says Benadom, who is president of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America.