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carved in stone

Permanently fixed or firmly established; incapable of being changed. Often used in the negative. The deal isn't yet carved in stone, but we're confident it will go ahead as hoped.
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carved in stone

 and engraved in stone; written in stone
Fig. permanent or not subject to change. (Often in the negative.) Now, this isn't carved in stone yet, but this looks like the way it's going to be. Is this policy carved in stone, or can it still be modified?
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engrave something into something

to cut symbols into something. She engraves a lovely design into the soap that she puts out for guests. Todd engraved his initials into the bark of the tree.
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engrave something on(to) something

to cut symbols into the surface of something. She engraved her initials onto the side of the tree. Ted engraved her name on the bracelet.
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engrave something (up)on something

1. . Lit. to cut letters or a design into the surface of something; to engrave something on(to) something. Todd engraved his initials into the bark of the tree. Their names were engraved onto each of their wedding rings. He asked them to engrave his initials upon the back of his watch. He engraved his name on the desktop.
2. Fig. to imprint something firmly on someone's mind. I engraved the combination to the safe upon my brain. The teacher engraved the definition of a noun into my memory.
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engrave something with something

1. . to carve something, such as letters, into something. He engraved the soft pewter with an old motto. Can you engrave my watch with a date?
2. to carve on something, using some tool or device. The worker engraved the watch with a sharp stylus. Can I engrave this bracelet with this tool? Is it sharp enough?
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Barbara Button with the |whiskey glasses she engraved
Many subjects can be represented and they all depend on the effects of light on the engraved surface of fine crystal.
The reindeer was engraved over a mineral deposit known as a "speleothem" (cave formation), which itself developed over a large piece of limestone.
38-40 Winchester, was hand engraved by Rob Bunting of the Baron Custom Engraving Shop, using the unique single-line shading style of the legendary Lynton McKenzie.
Mark Churchill and some of his engraved glass work.
Stewart's husband, who also served in the first Gulf War and was stationed in Korea, has yet to receive a memorial marker engraved with the symbol of his faith.
Quite simply, Stork is the technology leader in the laser engraved anilox roll industry.
2) Thomas Cross, however, possibly as early as around 1690, made the claim that "Gent[s] may have their works fairly engraved, as cheap as Puncht & Sooner.
Traditionally, these details were either stamped into the molds or engraved by using a pantograph-type machine and a template.
By combining engraved and raised areas you can form an interesting 3-D surface design, which you then paint any colors you want.
The Associated Student Body is selling engraved bricks to raise money for amenities such as a public-address system and concession stand at the planned 4,800-seat stadium, scheduled to open this fall.
These printed ephemera are chosen for their presumed cultural significance rather than their visual appeal, except perhaps for Louis Rouhier's "impressive" possesso print and his "remarkable" engraved broadsheets related to the 1656 plague year (185, 219).
A pair of 77,000-year-old pieces of engraved ochre found in a South African cave lend credence to the view that symbolic forms of thinking, considered crucial for modern human behavior, emerged surprisingly early in the Stone Age.
With Metapor, the detail can be engraved in the tool, and you're ready to go," he says.