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engage (someone) as (something)

To hire someone for a particular role or job. I thought they were just going to engage me as a file clerk, but because they needed help with data entry, I wound up doing that instead.
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engage (someone) in (something)

1. To do some task or activity. In this usage, "engage in" is usually a set phrase. Dad is engaged in fixing the car, so he can't talk right now.
2. To include or involve someone in something. Phil is always making snide comments, but I refuse to let him engage me in an argument.
3. To occupy someone with a task or activity. See if you can engage the kids in a game this afternoon so that I can get some work done.
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engage in small talk

To chat with someone, usually a stranger or acquaintance, about benign topics (such as the weather or one's employment). Because Tom and Joe had never met before, they engaged in small talk by the appetizers. If you think that girl's pretty, go over and engage in small talk with her.
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engage to (someone)

1. To be betrothed to someone. In this usage, "engage to" is a set phrase. You know Kelly's engaged to Cristina, so stop flirting with her! Alicia sported a gorgeous diamond ring after getting engaged to Ed.
2. To betroth oneself or someone to someone. I refuse to let my family engage me to a man I've never met before.
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engage in small talk

to talk only about minor matters rather than important matters or personal matters. All the people at the party were engaging in small talk. They chatted about the weather and otherwise engaged in small talk.
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engage someone as something

to hire someone to serve as something. Yes, I engaged her as a secretary just last month. Will you engage me as a general troubleshooter?
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engage someone or something in something

1. . to make someone or a group busy doing something. She knew how to engage the boys in useful activity. The den mother engaged the scouts in a woodworking project.
2. to draw someone or something into something. The enemy sought to engage our troops in battle but failed. I tried to engage Gerald in conversation.
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engage someone to someone

to betroth someone to someone. Her parents engaged her to the man she ended up marrying. She engaged herself to some guy she met at a singles bar.
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engage in

1. To participate in some activity: The soldiers engaged in combat. The law students engaged in a mock trial.
2. To involve or draw someone or something into some activity: I engaged the new student in conversation. I was engaged in deep thought when the fire alarm went off.
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The fibrous web is releasably engageable with the hooks of the corresponding engaging portion when the corresponding engaging portion releasably engages the landing portion.
The charity may lose its tax-exempt status if it engages in excessive lobbying activity over a four-year period.
501(c)(3) charitable organizations can engage in "issue advocacy" by taking a position on public policy issues, but they must avoid issue advocacy that functions as political campaign intervention.
A charity might engage in several different activities, none of which constitutes political activity on its own.
It also highlighted the crucial importance that students engage in critical reflection about their learning.
SunTrust and Crestar each currently owns an approximately 20 percent nonvoting equity interest in a company that engages in impermissible activities ("Company").
24) to acquire the nonbanking subsidiaries of Crestar and thereby engage in the nonbanking activities listed in the Appendix.
SunTrust also has filed notice under section 4(c)(8) of the BHC Act to acquire the nonbanking subsidiaries of Crestar and thereby engage in a number of nonbanking activities.
The Westphal decision may provide some guidance to taxpayers who engage in self-employment activities related to their regular employment.
Augmenting our industry-leading P2P solution, Engage adds security capabilities to our existing service control technology with DDoS and spam protection.
Engage differentiates itself from alternative technologies by employing deep packet inspection at Levels 4-7, as well as the ability to maintain "state" to identify and redirect anomalies in network traffic generated by spam zombies.
Engage fights spam zombies in a three-stage approach:
Aggressively Positions Engage to Drive Offline and Online
With MediaBridge, now known as Engage Software, Engage is positioned to provide marketing solutions consisting of software, media and services to online and offline marketers and publishers.
This acquisition represents an important step in the fundamental transformation of Engage's business and business model," said Paul Schaut, president and CEO of Engage.