engage in

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engage (someone) in (something)

1. To do some task or activity. In this usage, "engage in" is usually a set phrase. Dad is engaged in fixing the car, so he can't talk right now.
2. To include or involve someone in something. Phil is always making snide comments, but I refuse to let him engage me in an argument.
3. To occupy someone with a task or activity. See if you can engage the kids in a game this afternoon so that I can get some work done.
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engage someone or something in something

1. . to make someone or a group busy doing something. She knew how to engage the boys in useful activity. The den mother engaged the scouts in a woodworking project.
2. to draw someone or something into something. The enemy sought to engage our troops in battle but failed. I tried to engage Gerald in conversation.
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engage in

1. To participate in some activity: The soldiers engaged in combat. The law students engaged in a mock trial.
2. To involve or draw someone or something into some activity: I engaged the new student in conversation. I was engaged in deep thought when the fire alarm went off.
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110) During the Gulf War crisis, government officials fingerprinted and photographed all entrants of Iraqi and Kuwaiti origin--regardless of past activities or evidence that they actually intended to engage in terrorism.
However, Deputy Chief John White, police commissioners and Latino activists all said the current policy, known as Special Order 40, is sufficient to deal with illegal immigrants who engage in serious crimes.
Those who come to study, teach, engage in research or receive training and intend to return to their home country are nonimmigrants; they are granted visas of the following types: * "F": For an alien who is a bona fide student qualified to pursue a full course of study and who seeks to enter the U.
In addition to the proposed terms, the parties entered into certain binding provisions, including the agreement of INS not to solicit or negotiate proposals to engage in certain transactions with third parties and certain related penalties for violations of such provisions.
Wiremedia's Bluetooth Location-based Proximity marketing service enables retailers, shopping malls, movie theaters, small businesses, and public spaces the ability to engage in location-based marketing affordably and with ease.
Bush seems to understand and embrace the simple idea that Mexicans deserve economic opportunity- in the sense of freedom to engage in voluntary, productive exchange- as much as anyone born north of the Rio Grande.
And there was an ominous warning: ``The defendant has a long history of drug use which, combined with a possible mental instability, causes him to engage in erratic and dangerous behavior,'' the report states.
INS and the Texas companies have agreed not to engage in any further negotiations, discussions or agreements with any other party relating to the possible acquisition of the Texas companies or the possible acquisitions by INS of any entities engaged in flexible staffing or home care in the Texas area.
Nanopierce had filed the case in May 2004 seeking to hold DTCC responsible for the drop in its stock price, claiming that DTCC's Stock Borrow Program had somehow enabled brokerage firms to engage in "naked short selling" of Nanopierce shares.
close the "Delaware loophole" that permits states to authorize their state-chartered banks to export their insurance activities to other states -- even states that do not permit their own banks to engage in the insurance business;
It is also versatile, enabling users to engage in one-to-one private chats in a separate window; broadcast information in an e-learning, newscasting or financial live-casting environment; and conduct group-based discussions.
Zacks Investment Research is under common control with affiliated entities (including a broker-dealer and an investment adviser), which may engage in transactions involving the foregoing securities for the clients of such affiliates.
Sonic demonstrates its commitment to provide children and families with fun tools to learn a foreign language by providing families with activities to engage in using the Spanish vocabulary flash cards.
The company's vision is to enable users to fully engage in the digital lifestyle by providing access to large amounts of storage capacity in formats suitable for the office, on the road and in the home.