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enfold (oneself or someone) in (something)

To wrap or envelope oneself or someone in something. As soon as I got in from the cold, I enfolded myself in a blanket and sat in front of the fire.
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enfold someone in something

to wrap or contain someone in something. He enfolded the tiny baby in a soft blanket. Sarah enfolded herself in the silk sheets and giggled with glee.
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Physically, this production is a virtual clone of the Broadway version: the same metallic set design (graced by a monstrous assemblage of shopping carts, hubcaps and other post-industrial flotsam); the same funky Downtown Manhattan attitude; and the same dramatic chiaroscuro lighting, piercing the gloom that enfolds Larson's defiant community of street people, starving artists, junkies and drag queens.
This engaging thesis enfolds three main ideas worth discussion: Marlowe creates "a new sense of tragedy" (39); "Marlovian tragedy is more psychological than metaphysical" (153); and Marlowe "liked to demonstrate the ironic force of individual desire in determining one's own destruction" (151).
AFTER autumn, the chill wind blows I see a teardrop on a rose Sadness enfolds the world around Even the birds don't make a sound The autumn leaves are everywhere As trees are stripped leaving them bare The landscape has nothing to show Waiting for the winter snow To cover everything in white Making a magnificent sight After the thaw the birds will sing Heralding the early spring As plants start to grow again After taking in the sun and rain A world of colour back once more The same old world we had before Clear evidence on the whole That nature is in full control BD, address supplied
THE cold and darkness enfolds me as I walk the city streets, but still I see Doorways where our homeless people sleep.
The ribbon undulates from side to side as it climbs vertically from the street and with each change of direction enfolds alternate production and presentation spaces.
So, too, is the emotional logic that gradually enfolds Molly, a radiant young woman, blind since childhood; her impulsive husband, Frank, a kind of do-it-yourself intellectual; and the middle-age physician Mr.
Together these workshops and planted courts develop the notion of a manmaku that wraps around and enfolds the spinal foyer.
This attachment then enfolds perpendicularly to spring as a new inhabited pier above the lawn.
Enfold Systems, Austin, Texas, the premier provider of Windows integrated open source content management solutions, is using Journyx Timesheet software to track the investment in its open source software (OSS) while balancing the growth of the company.