end of the line

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the end of the line

1. The physical end of a route of travel, usually a bus or train route. This is the end of the line, folks, so everyone needs to get off the bus.
2. By extension, the conclusion or final step of something. Printing our report is the end of the line—now, we just have to hand it in and pray for a good grade! Regardless of how this championship series goes, I know this is the end of the line for me, after 16 years in the league.
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end of the line

Also, end of the road. The conclusion or final outcome. For example, The editorial pointed out that it was the end of the line for the President; he'd never be reelected , or It was obviously the end of the road for this television series. This idiom alludes to the point where a road or line stops. [c. 1900]
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the ˌend of the ˈroad/ˈline

the point where somebody/something cannot continue: The workers see the closure of the pit as the end of the line for mining in this area.It’s the end of the road for our relationship. We just can’t agree about anything any more.
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If it's the end of the line for me, it's the end of the line for Edison Grove," he said.
We re-named the level crossing as the Arctic Circle and the stop at the end of the line is the North Pole.
Construction on the north end of the line, near Killdeer in western North Dakota, began on September 2.
THERE MAY NOT BE many of those old-style cafeterias like Ontra, Furr's and Clifton's around anymore, perhaps because when you got to the end of the line the tab was always much higher than you thought it would be.
By finding and categorizing defects during the manufacturing process, instead of at the end of the line, SmartView also helps manufacturers improve the yield through the entire manufacturing process.
As they moved to what seemed the end of the line, they found an empty shuttle bus waiting for them.
Think of all the times you've placed a call and wanted to see the person on the other end of the line.
And the assemblyman representing Mission thinks that campus is at the end of the line in the Los Angeles district, with a small campus that still needs to use classrooms at local high schools.
The UW300Z Version 3 is the company's most advanced 300mm automated wet cleaning system for sub-quarter micron Front End of the Line (FEOL) cleaning, oxide etching and photoresist stripping.
It makes sense to put Swanson back at the end of the line as a pass-rushing specialist on a defense that has allowed 119 points and 1,255 yards in its last two games, both losses.
Pacific Coast Steel's role in constructing this elevated section of LRT consists of three cast-in-place, reinforced concrete bridges, reconstruction of the eastbound Waring Road interchange, an elevated passenger station serving the Grantville area, several soil nail and mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls, and a parking lot at the SDSU end of the line.
The reservation agent at the other end of the line at the airline is incentivised to sell you on his/her airline at whatever fare they can collect.
The deal made under intense lobbying by Mayor Richard Riordan and MTA Chief Executive Officer Julian Burke leaves the San Fernando Valley at the end of the line for rail funding or busway projects.
The HVDC interconnect is designed such that deliveries can be managed from either end of the line.
Stop the process at once, the person on the other end of the line told the nurse.