end of story

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end of story

A phrase used to end a conversation or topic of discussion, especially when one wants to discourage debate. I didn't do anything wrong here, OK? End of story. Don't try to defend him. He's just a loudmouth, end of story.
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End of Story.

Inf. That completes the story, and I will say no more. I did it because I wanted to. End of story.
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end of story

used to emphasize that there is nothing more to add on the subject just mentioned. informal
1998 Times Parents are role models. Foot-ballers are picked for teams because they are good at football. End of story.
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end of ˈstory

(spoken) used when you are stating that there is nothing more that can be said or done about something: Look, I told you I can’t give you a job here. End of story.
See also: end, of, story
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NOT good enough, end of story," that was the verdict of manager Jimmy Mullen after Walsall were dumped out of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy by League Two side Luton.
I say let Gerrard play in central midfield to get the best out of him, end of story.
If it's illegal then they shouldn't be allowed to charge us at all - end of story.
A BBC's End of Story writers' workshop is at the Copthorne Hotel from 7pm with leading author Alison Kennedy, who writes as AL Kennedy.
O'Neill said: 'It has been decided that Barry Geraghty will ride Keen Leader in the Gold Cup, end of story.
It's his own fault and he shouldn't have done it - end of story.
The eight half stories will be fully revealed in a special launch programme on BBC Three at 9pm on Sunday (followed immediately by an airing on terrestrial BBC Two at 10pm) and people across the UK will also be able to find hard copies of the End of Story books available ( featuring all eight half stories ( in many major and independent bookshops, plus at bus and train stations across the country.
A woman has been raped when she has been forced to have sex against her will and there is no exception No means no - end of story
It's a telephone which lets you make and receive calls - end of story.
I'M looking forward to End of Story on BBC3 this autumn.
But Monaco-based agent Willie McKaysaid: ''Jean-Ala in has signed the pre-contract with Rangers and he will be moving to Ibrox in the summer end of story.
We need to win the Premiership next season, end of story.