end in

end in (something)

To culminate in something; for something to be the last part of something. Opening night ended in disaster when the lead actress forgot her lines. As usual, our family dinner ended in a big argument, and everyone went home angry. I'm looking for a seven-letter word that ends in E.
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end in something

[for something, such as a play, film, opera, etc.] to end in a particular way. The opera ended in a lengthy duet before the death of the heroine. The party ended in a champagne toast.
See also: end
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Of course, if Reno had told the press or even Oprah Winfrey that "Federal agents have begun the process that will end in a Castro re-education facility," that wouldn't have sounded so good.
SomatoKine is currently in clinical development for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, severe burn injury, and growth hormone insensitivity syndromes (GHIS), and will initiate clinical trials by years end in myotonic muscular dystrophy (MMD) and AIDS Lipodystrophy.
I request an immediate reversal of the decision to end INS cooperation with local law enforcement and appeal to you to continue to allow INS officers to work with local police in fighting crime and ridding our streets of gang violence and narcotics trafficking,'' he wrote.