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Both Jews and non-Jews in the East End created local communities based on territory and networks of support.
For the first time an East End identity was born, in which individuals identified themselves with the entire area, and not just their street.
These areas created new opportunities for East Enders to reach beyond their immediate neighborhoods, to become familiar with the East End as a whole.
Most companies have some kind of competitive intelligence function (although again, it is surprising how weak this is in even very large companies), but the problem is that the competitive benchmarking is done from the company's perspective, not the end consumer's perspective.
Communicating your end consumer knowledge to OEM customers.
Integrating the voice of the end consumer into your product innovation process will probably require changes to your development process.
Mills are certainly aware of customer and product needs, but they are less informed as to how wet end chemistry can and does impact these product systems.
Every wet end additive can and does affect some product and/or quality parameter.
This requires flexibility and innovation on behalf of the specialty chemical supplier to provide the appropriate wet end chemistry allowing the papermaker to produce these new grades.
Since tight ends need to do so much, is it any wonder that several have high grade-point averages and move on to play at Ivy League schools?
And if all of this is defensed, the QB will scramble for the end zone.
Photo: UCLA tight end Gabe Crecion returns bigger and stronger after redshirting but has found his competition on the Bruins is also a cut above.
Crecion, Fletcher, Seidman and Hakes form the most talented group of tight ends in the Bob Toledo era - and possibly in school history.
Bitter End is already high on the discriminating traveler's itinerary when they visit by boat and it's also a dream destination for a shoreside vacation.
For me, being at the Bitter End Yacht Club is like a homecoming," Shamkin noted.