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enclose (someone or something) (with)in (something)

To put something around someone or something to hold or restrain it. My mother enclosed my medal in glass so that it wouldn't get scratched. If you let the dogs go outside alone, make sure to enclose them within the fenced part of the yard.
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enclose someone or something (with)in something

to contain someone, something, or some space inside of something. The police enclosed the people in a safe area while the accident was being cleaned up. The farmer enclosed the pig within a new pen.
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enclosed please find...

Formal business writing for “it's in this envelope.” Until the middle of the 20th century, businesses corresponded in formal—some would say stilted—language. “Enclosed please find” was one phrase that, although still used by some law firms and insurance companies, is well on its way to join such archaisms as “in hand,” ult. for “ultimo” (meaning “last month” as in “I have your letter of the 15th ult. in hand . . .”), inst. for “instant” or this month, and prox. for “proximo” or next month. Perhaps e-mail abbreviations like LOL, IOW, and TTFN will someday be considered just as quaint.
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BioGro officials say enclosing the plant would not be practical, saying it would cost $78.
Space was interior, enveloping, enclosing, ritually sanctioned and structured by the body's motion through it'.
BioGro officials had said that enclosing the plant would not be practical, estimating that it would cost $78.
The progression continued across the northern moat enclosing the Forbidden City, up into Coal Hill and down again and on to the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower, where it ended before the north city wall was reached.
By sliding out the third floor over the water at the back and enclosing it to form the main bedroom and bathroom, the architects freed up the house's plan and section.
Glazed walls enclosing the garden courtyard bring different departments into visual contact with each other, and both blue and white collar workers share a communal canteen.
The wall enclosing the flats meanders like a snake and the doorway to each flat is extruded slightly to create a series of cuboid forms projecting from the curved surface.
Purity and transparency are interrupted by colour: by Marc Newsom's vivid sculptural chairs and by a square of orange metal that, inset into the glass wall and enclosing a sliding door, frames the eucalyptus and a distant square of pink wall visible through the terracotta plane.
The wheel is the video tower and the crank, enclosing bookshelves.
Leiviska has divided the massing of the worship spaces and fellowship hall from that of the parish centre to place the more diminutive spaces to the north against the backdrop of a housing block, leaving the crescendo of the planes enclosing the bell tower and church proper to stand clear against the crest of the slope, The roof terrace, accessible directly from the service road paralleling the western edge, reinforces this distinction of programme and volume by delineating and binding each to the other, allowing the vertical planes of Leiviska's tectonic language to rise dramatically from a defined horizontal plane.