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enchant with (something)

1. To cast a spell on someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enchant" and "with." The evil witch enchanted all of the forest animals with magic and put them to sleep.
2. To capture and hold one's attention by a particular means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enchant" and "with." The baby is totally enchanted with that new mobile you hung above her crib—she just can't stop watching it. Susie is a great storyteller, so I'm sure she'll enchant you with her latest tale.
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enchant someone with something

1. . Lit. to bewitch someone or something with a magic spell. The children were enchanted with a spell that made them forget.
2. Fig. to fascinate someone with some object. She enchanted the children with the little drawings she made of them. We were enchanted with her drawings.
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The Enchanting bottle is designed to evoke a flowing gown, and the outer package features royal blues and a gold brocade along with a visual of Celine Dion.
Enchanting will be available in eau de toilette bottles, with the 1.
As Yeah Man was making the best of his way home, Maldini raced past Enchanting Hero around the bottom bends, but at the line was still two-and-a-half lengths in arrears in 29.
After taking control in the early stages, the pair entered the back-straight in a similar position to the previous week, but this time Enchanting Hero held his powerful rival by two lengths in 28.
Enchanting Hero was installed the marginal favourite with both Cashmans and Paddy Power early in the week.
In the previous round Tyrur Ted, trained by Paul Hennessy for PJ Fahy, came from a few lengths adrift to beat Enchanting Hero by two and a half lengths in 28.
Enchanting Hero got the first run on the inside and, displaying fine speed, took control before the turn.
Tyrur Ted also shot to the bend and despite taking a bump from Farloe Cricketer moved into second spot and hot on the heels of Enchanting Hero.
of enchanting palaces, bridges, and canals during this
In this enchanting new video, infants and toddlers join the musical journey to an exotic underwater world, captured by award-winning cinematographer Tom Campbell.
In this enchanting DVD, which combines A Trip to the San Diego Zoo and Animal Adventures, there is almost 80 minutes of warm and fuzzy fun.
Return to Never Land" Features Enchanting Characters From the Film
Each location is filled with exciting activities and enchanting characters.
Participants will also have the opportunity to answer a different bonus question in each decade, such as "Who is the most enchanting Disney princess?