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enchant with (something)

1. To cast a spell on someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enchant" and "with." The evil witch enchanted all of the forest animals with magic and put them to sleep.
2. To capture and hold one's attention by a particular means. A noun or pronoun can be used between "enchant" and "with." The baby is totally enchanted with that new mobile you hung above her crib—she just can't stop watching it. Susie is a great storyteller, so I'm sure she'll enchant you with her latest tale.
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enchant someone with something

1. . Lit. to bewitch someone or something with a magic spell. The children were enchanted with a spell that made them forget.
2. Fig. to fascinate someone with some object. She enchanted the children with the little drawings she made of them. We were enchanted with her drawings.
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More than 21,000 people visit Saltwell Park every year during Enchanted Parks to see installations and commissions from regional, national and international artists.
Designed to reflect the island s traditional Creole-Seychellois architecture, Enchanted Island Resort features eight one-bedroom Private Pool Villas and two two-bedroom Enchanted Signature Villas.
We ordered it in especially," joked Robin Morley, the producer of Enchanted Parks from Magnetic Entertainments.
By leaving your car registration on reception, you'd then be able to return to the site for your Enchanted Evening.
The animal reserves will be closed throughout Enchanted Evenings, but other attractions will include illuminated prehistoric creatures, Sea Lion Theatre, Discovery Trail, Twilight Cave (bats), Mark O'Shea's Reptile World and amusement park.
Now, Enchanted Canyon at Thumb Butte, a 67-acre luxury home development consisting of 72 custom lots set to the backdrop of the area's notable Thumb Butte, is offering homebuyers the chance to purchase some of the last remaining custom hilltop homes within city limits.
Enchanted Parks sees artists from the North East and across the country transform Saltwell Park into a magical arts adventure.
8220;We are excited to have the opportunity to expand our reach to South Africa,” said Patrick Smyth, principal at Enchanted Forest Press.
Enchanted Parks, in Gateshead's Saltwell Park, went ahead last night following the cancellation of Thursday's performance.
The Chicken Thief" is the latest release in a series of wordless books for children published by Enchanted Lion.
The park is running its special Enchanted Evenings event on selected evenings from Friday October 2 to November 1, and they'll be many ghoulish goingson, including Spooky Animal Encounters in the classroom.
ENCHANTED (PG) STARS: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Susan Sarandon.
Enchanted is an eclectic new CD music collection of the intricate artistry of harpist and composer Swanyce, instilling poise and harmony into the hearts of the listeners with its progressive and individualistic style.
Ella Enchanted,' 'Laws of Attraction,' 'The Girl Next Door,' 'Shaolin Soccer'
ENCHANTED is directed by Kevin Lima ("Tarzan," "Eloise At Christmastime") from a screenplay written by Bill Kelly ("Blast From the Past") and will feature original songs from the reunited team of acclaimed composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz ("Pocahontas," "Hunchback of Notre Dame").