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pray to the porcelain god

Sl. to kneel at the toilet bowl and vomit from drunkenness. Wally spent a while praying to the porcelain god last night. I think I have to go pray to the porcelain god.
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pray to the porcelain god

and pray to the enamel god
in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (Refers to being on one’s knees [praying] in front of a porcelain toilet bowl.) Wayne was in the john, praying to the enamel god.
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pray to the enamel god

See also: enamel, god, pray
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While the shot glasses have suered some damage to the enamels, the goblet is in excellent condition.
Porcelain enamels as a protective coating for hot water tanks", J.
Said to originate in Britain, the champlev technique is to fill recesses in the metal made by casting or engraving opaque red, blue, green or white enamels.
Enamellers often collected broken glasses from pubs and inns to grind them into the paste, but there were already, by the mid-1750s, suppliers selling coloured enamel powders already mixed.
Looking at Deabate's train of thought and background, a precise choice: the most transparent and bright enamels he knew.
Bachrach, a master enamelist, explains the materials and techniques of her art and gives readers a glimpse of the studios of 25 other important enamel artists, who discuss the ways in which they work.
7) His other enamels of this kind place contemporaries in narratives drawn from classical mythology.
Endorsed by royalty for quality production and design, Halcyon Days Enamels' unique collection of enamel and sculptural boxes are available in the United States through fine retailers nationwide.
Once the undercoat is completely dry, apply Japlac High-Gloss Enamel paint all over your piece of furniture with smooth, even brush strokes.
These factors include a solution allowing ALTANA to take over the wire enamels business in Germany.
Cloisonn enamel is so named because the coloured enamels, made from a sort of glass paste, are attached to a metal base in small compartments called 'cloisons'.
The initial launch of Finish 1 will include a complete set of FPC Acrylic Enamels including 25 solid, metallic and pearlescent colors.
Another earlier master was Petitot, who eventually came to London from Paris around 1637 and introduced the science of miniature painting in enamels to English artists.
Sold in 12 popular colors and packaged in half-ounce bottles, Nutra Nail 60-Second Fast Drying Nail Enamel requires just one coat and dries completely in just 60 seconds, or five to 15 times faster than other nail enamels.
NYSE:ENC), a leader in the giftware, collectible and home decor industry, today announced an offer for Bilston & Battersea Enamels plc through its European subsidiary, Enesco Holdings Limited.