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Between this circuit of silences pregnant with sound and emptiness full of incident, the artists in "Notations" continually return to Cage by way of Rauschenberg.
Moreover, this play is an attempt by the artist to understand the world through artistic creation as well as the emptiness within.
Each day I think of you Mum and realise you have gone, I can't explain the emptiness that life has now become, they say that time's a healer but I am not so sure, for every time I think of you I miss you more and more.
Emptiness (Ku), according to the book's glossary, is one of the "three truths" in Buddhism to be viewed as full of traces of other phenomena rather than negatively.
This great emptiness started when she began her ministry with the destitute and dying in Calcutta.
By revealing the wisdom of emptiness and the "fruitful side of 'absence'" (17), Buddhism continually works to free its practitioners from self-entrapping illusions, worldly attachments, and misunderstandings about human desires and capacities.
in Mahayana Buddhism, despite quoting Nhat Hanh on the Heart Sutra, who correctly equates emptiness and interdependent arising (which Nhat Hanh calls "interbeing").
Borderlines" are characterized by intense and unstable relationships, self-destructive and impulsive behavior (such as drug abuse), fears of abandonment, suicide attempts aimed at manipulating others, feelings of emptiness, and rage alternating with a childish dependency on others.
Turning to the journal she kept, she wrote about her emptiness and anger - asking painful questions about what would become of her and her two young daughters.
Chapters survey different paths and aspects of Buddhism as expressed through art, including the Bodhisattva Path, and the Path of Bliss and Emptiness.
One began to realize that the emptiness is not a negative space but a hollow memory, an indefinitely rechargeable storehouse.
Notes Froehle, "Each choice of a book, friend, television program, film, Web site, or music will open us to receive beauty, relaxation, truth, understanding, and love, or to enter into emptiness, indifference, and even degradation.
Fresh from performing at the Spoleto USA Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, the company will present Duato's second full-length ballet, Multiplicity: Forms of Silence and Emptiness, just in time to celebrate his eleventh anniversary as company director.
We often picture the emptiness as a desert, which is our destination even as we travel through it.
Antarctica inspires images of pristine emptiness, but McMurdo Station -- the primary U.