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A further crucial distinction, clarified by the conclusion, is that the "ultimate within the two truths distinguished as authentic/inauthentic experience is a presence, whereas the ultimate within the two truths distinguished as appearance and emptiness is an absence" (p.
Wisdom generally denotes the profound knowledge of the intrinsic emptiness of all phenomena, while skillful means is the capacity to bring others to an understanding of this wisdom.
Furthermore, Martin Heiddegger reflected about the meaning of emptiness in Chillidas' works and explains "creating emptiness" is to "create freedom, openness to a settlement and life for a human being".
The poems are exquisitely tender and reverent each temporarily holding emptiness in place with images and stories each looking for something that can stand for holiness.
It is because of emptiness that all things and events can be established; without emptiness, nothing can be established.
Johnson's writings have often referenced the essential emptiness of racial difference and racial thinking.
Now there will be no 21st birthday, no wedding, no first house, no children, no career, just this unimaginable, unfillable emptiness and a naked, throbbing, deep horrible pain that may well fade in time but will never actually go away,' he said.
To emphasize the parallel I see, I might choose to translate "I did not run for emptiness nor labor for emptiness.
Working as a clinical philosopher for one of the world's largest corporations, he enjoys privileges that few of the citizens have, but despite this grand life, he feels a nagging emptiness.
All this emptiness forces Collette to work overtime trying to invest her character with an inner life that's not supplied by the script.
Loneliness is inner emptiness,' writes Richard Foster in his book Celebration of Discipline.
Advent is about the spirituality of emptiness, of enough-ness, of stripped-down fullness of soul.
It is unlikely, for example, that "If [a] photographer saw anything in Mudgett's eyes, it was a pale blue emptiness that he knew, to his sorrow, no existing film could ever record.
NO song sums up The Manic Street Preachers better than Motorcycle Emptiness.