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Amy Gunter: "Less bins, not needed to be emptied as often but more horrible smell
I managed to speak to one of the refuse collectors when he emptied the green bin on December 22 and I asked him why have we not had the bins done and his reply was that they had run out of time and he had reported this back to the office.
During the emptying process, the big bag can, for example, be enclosed in a dustproof housing, whereby the big bags are completely emptied and rolled up compactly during the final phase of the emptying process.
On November 21 our bin was out on the kerb to be emptied, but for some reason, only known to the binmen, it wasn't emptied.
3 : to become unoccupied <The school quickly emptied.
Other options are a dust collector and a Power Cincher that cinches the spout for leak-proof retying of partially emptied bags.
In 2:7 Paul writes about Christ: "but emptied [ekenosen third-person singular aorist] himself, taking the form of a slave.