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empower (someone) to (do something)

1. To grant someone the authority to do something. Before my boss left on maternity leave, she empowered me to make important decisions in her absence.
2. To inspire one to be more assertive, proactive, etc., especially in pursuit of a particular goal. Hearing your experiences really empowered me to not compromise on my dreams.
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empower someone to do something

to authorize someone to do something; to grant someone the power to do something. I will empower you to collect the dues of the members. The prime minister empowered a special office to oversee tax collection.
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It all boils down to really valuing people's opinions and truly wanting them empowered, not just giving it lip service.
Empowered leaders retain authority; empowering leaders delegate, disciple and multiply.
Further, empowered employees welcome responsibility.
The challenge will be met by those of us who believe that empowered people are the players who will make American industry competitive in the global marketplace.
Thus, it is not only important for rehabilitation systems to be empowered as systems, but to be designed, managed and therefore postured to facilitate empowerment on behalf of the professionals working within them as well.