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employ a steam engine to crack a nut

To use excessive, overcomplicated, or extravagant means or force to accomplish something relatively minor or simple. With this new system of issuing licenses, the government has employed a steam engine to crack a nut: four separate departments now handle each stage of an application, when a single department could easily process applications from start to finish.
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employ someone as something

to pay someone to work in some capacity. I employed Fred as a personal secretary for about three months. Can you employ me as a stock clerk?
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employ someone for something

to hire someone for a particular purpose. I employ him for special chores around the factory. Kelly employed Walter for emergency repairs on the night shift.
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employ someone in something

to pay someone to work in a particular type of work. I employ Tom in machine maintenance. Laura is employed in accounting.
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Ronan McKenna, Chair of South Belfast SIF Steering Group said: We are delighted that the Employability South Programme has gone forward today and hope that the programme has a major impact on the lives of the participants, their families and the wider community.
Christine Shanks, who runs Hedley's Employability, said: "The foundation is one of the largest regional charities supporting disabled people.
It is committed to the employability of its students: 97% of full time LPC students who graduated in summer 2014 had secured employment within nine months of graduation, with 91% employed in law (based on recent destination figures).
He said: "The five-star rating recognises that employability continues to feature highly on the university's agenda.
Universities are becoming more innovative in how they tackle employability as it becomes an ever more integral part of curricula.
Now, Aspiring Minds, an employability assessment firm, has done a systematic study of employability of graduates with arts, science and commerce degrees in India.
Sue Mulley, university acting head of the careers and employability service, said: "We believe in ensuring our students have a life-changing experience.
By 2016, the Microsoft 4 Afrika Initiative plans to help place tens of millions of smart devices in the hands of African youth, bring mi African small and medium enterprises online, up-skill 100,000 members of Africa's existing workforce, and help an additional 100,000 recent graduates develop skills for employability, 75% of which Microsoft will help place in jobs.
Employability is defined as the relative ability of an individual for employment, with account being taken of the interaction between personal characteristics and the labour market (Weinert 2001).
Each student receives a BTEC Level 2 Award in Employability Skills once they have completed Deloitte's employability programme and has the chance to compete for the 'National Deloitte Employability Student/Trainer of the Year' award.
Tseng (1972) viewed employability as labour market linked occupational knowledge and skills.
Establishing the Need for Employability Transcripts
Summary: As part of the Presidential Program that aims at improving the an economic growth namely in the investment and employability sector, 10 spin-off agreements were signed on Monday in Tunis between the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Small and Medium Enterprises and 10 public and private companies.
He said: "The young people involved have become better able to understand the needs of business and, most importantly, are developing the employability skills which will be vital for their future careers.