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éminence grise

Someone who is powerful in a particular area without having an official title. The phrase, French for "grey eminence," originally applied to one of Cardinal Richelieu's advisors, a monk who wore a grey robe. A: "Why should I worry about what Bob thinks? He doesn't even have a title!" B: "Yes, but he's the éminence grise of the firm, and the partners really value his opinion."
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an éminence grise

someone who has a lot of power and influence but no official position Although he never became a minister, he was the party's éminence grise for 15 years.
See also: eminence, grise
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This cry was generally heeded; for the Musketeers were known to be enemies of the cardinal, and were beloved on account of the hatred they bore to his Eminence.
If you go on so, his Eminence will be forced to renew his company in three weeks, and I to put the edicts in force in all their rigor.
Yes, but in regard to myself, my lord, it cannot be so, for I was removed from the Chatelet to the Bastile owing to an order from your eminence.
I am disposed to believe your eminence," he replied; "though I have had but little evidence of that good-nature of which your eminence speaks.
Will your eminence be angry if I read you a lesson?
if your eminence attempts calculations, I will promise you a pretty headache to-morrow
Your eminence told me that this money was his majesty's.
It is an important communication which I wish to make to your eminence to-night -- that is all.
Thanks, monsieur le cardinal," answered the king; "that which I have to ask of your eminence has but little to do with myself.
I know all that my house owes to your eminence," replied the king, haughtily, "and you may believe well that I, on my part, shall never forget it.
the door of the reserved gallery which had hitherto remained so inopportunely closed, opened still more inopportunely; and the ringing voice of the usher announced abruptly, "His eminence, Monseigneur the Cardinal de Bourbon.
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