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emblazon (something) on(to) (something)

1. To decorate something with something. Yikes, mom, you don't need emblazon sequins on the entire jacket!
2. To embellish something to make a specific message or affiliation known. The soldiers all had the king's crest emblazoned on their breastplates
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emblazon with (something)

To decorate something with something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "emblazon" and "with." Yikes, mom, you don't need emblazon the entire jacket with sequins! Every soldier's breastplate was emblazoned with the king's crest.
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emblazon something on(to) something

1. . to decorate something with something. The workers emblazoned wild decorations on the door. They emblazoned their name on the side of the building.
2. to put some writing or symbols that proclaim something onto something. The knight emblazoned his crest onto his shield. The craftsman emblazoned the knight's crest on his shield.
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emblazon something with something

to decorate something with writing or symbols. They emblazoned the wall with pictures of past triumphs. His shield was emblazoned with the family crest.
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He specialized in carrots, making his ``Bunny Luv'' brand a household name, with packages emblazoned with a rabbit cartoon drawn by his wife, Sue Yurosek.
Lovingly included as part of the visceral texture of these guys' existence are the logos emblazoned on things that touch their skin and fill their mouths--LA Lakers cap and Calgary Flames T-shirt, Trans Am, Taco Bell.
The companies' creative work will be emblazoned on the monorail trains for millions to see and experience each year and will leave its distinct mark in advertising history.
Van Hook, wearing a helmet emblazoned ``COC Fire 1,'' asked as she was coaxed into the driver's seat.
The artist seems to grant her viewers permission to do so in a piece entitle Big Splash, which includes images of vintage surfboard and a Rolling Stones tongue logo in front of a mural-size enlargement of a Japanese print depicting a cresting wave, emblazoned with the assertion, "We all need a splash of bad taste .
The movie's heart is so clearly emblazoned on its sleeve that sophisticated lesbian and gay viewers may suffer guilt pangs if they find themselves shifting in their seats, rolling their eyes, or waiting politely for the house lights to go on before bolting up the aisle.
The Irish Classic Flag Trainer is emblazoned with our national colours.
The gangs are wearing fluorescent yellow vests emblazoned with the words "Harassment prevention" and carrying aerosol cans.
The 23-year-old pop star wore a swimsuit with her hero Bob Marley's face emblazoned across it when she After setting anchor, Rihanna took a ride on a jet-ski and sipped beer on the sand as the sun set.
Sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with King's words, ``Everybody can be great because everybody can serve,'' Morales, 22, helped younger volunteers plant dozens of saplings at Pacoima Little League Park, trees that one day will provide shade on those hot summer days.
The striking design that sees the word 'Qatar' emblazoned across the fuselage in large bold burgundy-colored letters, the tail fin painted with an image of the Oryx, the national animal and icon of Qatar.
The famous name and Big Cat logo is emblazoned on the rugby shirts of another country famous for its fast cars .
Inspired by a new anticancer treatment called Omnitarg, three spectral light boxes emblazoned with images of tumors superimposed on photographs (two of which were by Man Ray, one depicting Francis Picabia) seemed a particularly odd endeavor.