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who worked for the showroom] of forging e-receipts on a computer and using the forged documents to embezzle the money.
BOSTON, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- A Danvers man was sentenced to thirty months' of imprisonment today in federal court for engaging in a three-year scheme to embezzle roughly $700,000 from his employer.
A RAIL worker made up dozens of fictitious train journeys in a bid to embezzle cash and help pay off a pounds 10,000 debt.
But Hirata allegedly was unable to return the money and conspired with an executive at Minami Securities and a securities broker to embezzle clients' stocks and to sell them to pay back the loans and to make profit for themselves.
He also forged RCC documents to embezzle a total of 14 million yen in six other cases between 1999 and 2002, it said.
The scheme to defraud and embezzle was accomplished by the Defendants, who were (and/or are) attorneys of record for BFF.
Mr Crawford stressed Crilley did not embezzle money from his clients and said he fully accepted responsibility when the scam was discovered .
He is accused of helping the military embezzle more than US$15 million.
Observation: Taxpayers who embezzle funds over several tax periods are subject to a variety of income taxes and penalties.
An auditor said during the investigation that their report concluded that the accused used to pay the clearance bills at the Dubai Customs and then fake new electronic bills and receipts featuring higher figures to embezzle the difference.