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an embarrassment of riches

Too much or more than enough of a desired or needed thing. There are so many stellar applicants for the job that we can't choose between them—it's truly an embarrassment of riches.
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blush with (an emotion)

To have a red face while feeling a particular emotion (which is stated after "with"). I blushed with embarrassment when the teacher caught me not paying attention in class and yelled at me.
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embarrassment of riches

An overabundance of something, too much of a good thing, as in All four of them have their own cars but there's no room in the driveway-an embarrassment of riches . This term originated in 1738 as John Ozell's translation of a French play, L'Embarras des richesses (1726).
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an embarrassment of riches

If you have an embarrassment of riches, you have so many good things or options that you cannot decide which to have or do. With three matches being screened live simultaneously, football fans have an embarrassment of riches to choose from.
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an emˌbarrassment of ˈriches

so many good things that it is difficult to choose just one: Stratford has an embarrassment of riches, what with three theatres and lovely countryside too.
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References in classic literature ?
The "something" that "had happened" was but too plainly a serious money embarrassment, and Sir Percival's relief from it depended upon Laura.
Presuming however, that this studied avoidance spoke rather a momentary embarrassment than any dislike of the proposal, and seeing in her husband, who was fond or society, a perfect willingness to accept it, she ventured to engage for her attendance, and the day after the next was fixed on.
Being seated, she proceeded, still with an air of hurry and embarrassment, to open her cabas, to take out her books; and, while I was waiting for her to look up, in order to make out her identity--for, shortsighted as I was, I had not recognized her at her entrance--Mdlle.
Morland's assistance, as well in giving encouragement, as in finding conversation for her guest, whose embarrassment on his father's account she earnestly pitied, Mrs.
She was much less embarrassed than he, while she betrayed her embarrassment not at all.
He toyed with his spoon, and flushed his embarrassment over his soda, but lingered on; and she spoke softly, dropped her eyes, and wove her witchery about him.
For a long time they were content to walk together in the evenings, or to sit side by side on a bench in the park, neither uttering a word for an hour at a time, merely gazing into each other's eyes, too faintly luminous in the starshine to be a cause for self-consciousness and embarrassment.
From San Francisco," replied the Woman, with embarrassment, as great beads of perspiration spangled her spiritual brow.
You must kneel down," said Marilla in embarrassment.
After what you have told the landlady," she said, "think of the embarrassment, the cruel embarrassment of our position, if you stop at the inn till to-morrow morning
At the instant when she was just facing the stairs, he raised his eyes, caught sight of her, and into the expression of his face there passed a shade of embarrassment and dismay.
The Everton star knows he won't get a game for Spain because the Spaniards have an embarrassment of riches in midfield - in the England midfield he spots only an embarrassment of embarrassments.
The movie is flat-out funny for its first 90 minutes, moving from the crashers' general exploits to an embarrassment of rich embarrassments at the sisters' family retreat, where John continues to pursue Claire despite the presence of her old-money boyfriend (Bradley Cooper) and the watchful eye of her father (Christopher Walken).
Atomic Kitten, who split at the end of last year, beat a cavalcade of top name embarrassments and big budget bombs to be voted the worst British group in the second annual Naomi awards.
But at the back they've an embarrassment of embarrassments.