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embarrass someone about someone or something

to make someone feel bad or ashamed about someone or something. Please don't embarrass me by mentioning my mistake again. There is no need to embarrass her about her unfortunate sister.
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embarrass someone into doing something

to shame someone into doing something. They tried to embarrass me into doing it, but I resisted. Juan tried to embarrass Fred into going home early.
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embarrass someone with something

to use something to make someone feel bad or ashamed. Please don't embarrass me with that old story again. Maria embarrassed Henry with a reminder of what had happened.
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financially embarrassed

Euph. broke. I'm a bit financially embarrassed at the moment. Gary found himself financially embarrassed when the time came to pay the bill.
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Defense Department embarrassedly disowned Stimson's comments.
The highpoint of the trip is going into a pink block building to ask directions, only to embarrassedly discover you have entered the sacred halls of the "Club Pussycat.
When the school administrators realize that my daughter and I are Canadian, they embarrassedly send us on an all-expenses-paid tour of a large coffee plantation, where we happily encounter plenty of Spanish and excellent coffee.
83) Earlier in the year he again embarrassedly found it necessary to reject the recommendations of one of his vaunted tax advisor commissions, because it proposed income tax withholding as well as extending sales taxes to utilities (electricity, water, and gas) and many services such as dry cleaning, laundry, haircuts, repairs (automobile, radio and television), as well as parking, admissions to sporting events, and other amusements, Ibid.
According to the telegram, when the three met before a presidential election run-off in June 1990, Montesinos reported to Fujimori that SIN tried to kill an opposition lawmaker with a small bomb, and Fujimori embarrassedly replied that he did not want to know about it.
This complicated, twisting story follows Milo and Alex as they seek to find who brutally killed Lauren Teague, a troubled teen who Alex had tried to treat ten years before, then viewed as an erotic dancer (and embarrassedly recognized) at a stag party.
ALLAN GREENSPAN'S DESERTION of deficit reduction, which he later embarrassedly repudiated, reminds me of how those conservative Supreme Court justices deserted their states' rights and judicial restraint principles in the Florida vote case.