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embark for (some place)

To depart for a particular destination, as on some mode of transportation. Do you know when Karen embarks for Rome? I want to see her before she leaves.
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embark on (something)

1. To begin a particular journey or trip, as on some mode of transportation. Do you know when Karen embarks on her trip for Rome? I want to see her before she leaves.
2. By extension, to begin any course of action. I want to go back to school for a business degree, and I plan to embark on that process this fall.
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embark for (some place)

to leave for some place, usually in a ship or an airplane. We are embarking for Denver tomorrow morning. Maria is embarking for Honolulu in just a few minutes.
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embark on something

1. . Lit. to begin a journey by boarding a ship, airplane, etc. They embarked on their journey from San Juan.
2. Fig. to begin a project; to begin any process. When will you embark on your new project?
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Nuclear-powered carrier Charles de Gaulle (R 91), embarking 16 Super Etendard strike and reconnaissance aircraft, 10 Rafale M interceptors, two E-2C Group 2 Hawkeyes and one or more escadrilles (similar to dets) of at least two AS 565MA Panther helos, though additional helos can be temporarily accommodated.
In the process, I unearthed a few suggestions which may be of interest to other graduate students embarking on their doctoral journeys as well as the dedicated faculty members committed to supporting them.
Senior West Midlands coach and Kingsbury countryside ranger Rod Westwood said: "Angling is a sport that can be enjoyed by almost everyone and the NFA is embarking on the biggest initiative ever conceived to introduce more people to the sport and promote good practice and conservation.
Germaine Greer is a celebrity," Fraser sees fit to remind us, and as such she appeared on a popular British TV show before embarking for her native Australia to begin searching for clues about her father's fraudulent life: "Ten million viewers bore silent witness to the heroine's departure and would be watching the shores for her safe return.
The trip is scheduled to begin in September this year and last for five months, after which she plans to do a foundation degree in Art before embarking on a career as an illustrator.
Oatbridge played for Rugby Lions, Coventry Welsh, Midlands Youth and England Schools before embarking on a successful coaching career.
PASSENGERS on commercial boat trips will be embarking and disembarking at Deganwy Marina while a pontoon on the Conwy side of the River Conwy is repaired.
He left showbiz for several years, embarking on a "spiritual search", but was in the region earlier this year, taking up the role of Tommy Cooper in the show Jus' Like That.