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embark for (some place)

To depart for a particular destination, as on some mode of transportation. Do you know when Karen embarks for Rome? I want to see her before she leaves.
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embark on (something)

1. To begin a particular journey or trip, as on some mode of transportation. Do you know when Karen embarks on her trip for Rome? I want to see her before she leaves.
2. By extension, to begin any course of action. I want to go back to school for a business degree, and I plan to embark on that process this fall.
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embark for (some place)

to leave for some place, usually in a ship or an airplane. We are embarking for Denver tomorrow morning. Maria is embarking for Honolulu in just a few minutes.
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embark on something

1. . Lit. to begin a journey by boarding a ship, airplane, etc. They embarked on their journey from San Juan.
2. Fig. to begin a project; to begin any process. When will you embark on your new project?
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The top 10 ships in each class are named in the following categories: Overall, Cabins, Dining, Embarkation, Entertainment, Fitness, Public Rooms, Service, Shore Excursions and Value-for-Money.
The bridges will be used for 90% of passenger embarkations and disembarkations, as only those passengers travelling on small planes will use vehicles to reach their planes.
Passengers and their guests can enjoy priority embarkation and will be able to spend approximately four hours together on the ship before it sets sail.
located approximately 25 miles southwest of Miami, was established as one of two aerial ports of embarkation for the relief efforts, serving as a staging area for Air Force, Marine, Navy and Coast Guard troops, equipment and supplies to be flown into Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The Centre has also added Ranchi and Mangalore as new embarkation points.
The Mariner Boating package for CYCA members also includes the airfare to Vancouver and a night's accommodation in Vancouver before embarkation.
5 provides the tactics, techniques, and procedures that form the foundation for building a unit embarkation program and establishes Navy standards for the tactical-level preparation of personnel, supplies, and equipment for unit movement.
The facility has a security check area and four departure screening counters, enabling passengers to do embarkation procedures directly without passing through domestic flight exits, the airport operator said.
The 841st Transportation Terminal Battalion, an active duty Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) unit, provided command and control of Task Force operations at the Seaport of Embarkation (Ocean Terminal, Savannah, GA).
Gordon Brown has announced steps in the right direction, bringing in an Australian-style points system, unified border police and embarkation controls.
Changi International Airport is checking operational procedures such as safety and passenger embarkation and disembarkation before the 555-seat superjumbo is handed over for its inaugural flight.
Except for the first leg in Oregon, when they drove to the starting point, the couple flew to the point of embarkation and shipped their bikes back and forth.
A passenger service counter is even being constructed for the company within the terminal to replace its current passenger embarkation setup, currently located in the company hangar.
The new solution allows information in DLA's Distribution Standard System (DSS) to interface with the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES), improving the information flow between CCPs and aerial ports of embarkation (APOEs).
Unfortunately with OIF underway, the Marine Corps was stretched too thin to assign an embarkation specialist to our squadron.