emancipate from

emancipate (someone) from (something)

To liberate someone from someone or something, often slavery. Abraham Lincoln is remembered for emancipating the slaves from bondage.
See also: emancipate

emancipate someone from someone or something

to free someone from someone or something. The president emancipated the slaves from their bondage. The planter emancipated Fred from slavery long before the law was written.
See also: emancipate
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Within two to four years after they emancipate from foster care, 51 percent are unemployed, 30 percent are on public assistance, 25 percent become homeless, and one in five are incarcerated.
The report by the county Economy and Efficiency Commission found that 60 percent of the young women who emancipate from foster care have children within four years.
There is no turning back when foster youths emancipate from the foster care system.