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something else (again)

something entirely different. Borrowing is one thing, but stealing is something else. Skindiving is easy and fun, but scuba diving is something else again.
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We, the licence payers have to pay for the technicians, equipment and everything else needed to transmit the shows.
You give these personal financial details out and assume they will go no further, then you find out they are being sent out automatically to someone else.
You did the usual search to see if someone else had a domain name identical to the one you wanted to register.
Researchers have assumed that auditory hallucinations arise when a person lacks conscious awareness of verbal thoughts as they occur or attributes such thoughts to someone else.
But there's a weariness here, a fury reduced to a twitch, that puts you in touch with a particular person, the singer, not someone you'd meet anywhere else.
The song turns "Disneyland" (the "Dizz Knee Land" titling obviously meant to protect Dada from Disney's notorious trademark cops) into a perfect blank: the place you go when you can't think of anything else to do, when you haven't got the energy to choose one road over another.