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elope with (someone)

To marry someone suddenly and secretively. I wish I could just elope with my fiance, but my family is insistent that I have a big wedding.
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elope with someone

to sneak away with someone and get married without much ceremony. Sally eloped with Tom, and everyone was surprised. I don't want to elope with Juan. I want a church wedding.
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Most elopement risk assessments ask about a resident's previous history of elopement, wandering or "getting lost.
Fear of elopement restricted family activities for 62% of parents and led to lack of sleep for 40%.
Building the "culture of vigilance" needed to counter the elopement problem also required strengthening the bond of trust with staff, Fawvor explains.
Of course, constitutional due process will not require that an agency's elopement policies be drafted to address every conceivable elopement scenario.
They have banned elopement in the areas under their control.
After all, Troy also added scenes with Helen, such as her elopement and its antecedents, her introduction to the royal family of Troy, and her escape from the burning city.
The play demands big performances and gets them from Robert Daws and Dawn Steele, who has an exceptionally protracted monologue recalling how Una was abandoned by Ray in a B&B in the course of their elopement.
Later chapters recount the memoirist's move to Beirut and elopement with a Lebanese journalist, as well as their growing family's entanglement in Lebanon's 15 year civil war.
At the time of the elopement, the nursing assistant assigned to the resident had gone home early, leaving the unit staffed by only one other employee.
Her parents were freethinkers (her mother was Mary Wollstonecraft) who taught her to be liberated from society's restraints, but even they frowned on her elopement.
Only a neck separated Peter Monteith's charge and the winner Elopement but it showed that Tiger King was still in good form.
An affair with the scoundrel was followed by elopement as Ann joined Jack's crew and embarked on a career of crime and mayhem.
Wassily de Basil, the wily director of the Original Ballet Russe who found time to abet her teenage elopement.
Goldman divides elopement situations into two categories: elopement in a dementia-specific community and elopement in a general care setting.