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elope with (someone)

To marry someone suddenly and secretively. I wish I could just elope with my fiance, but my family is insistent that I have a big wedding.
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elope with someone

to sneak away with someone and get married without much ceremony. Sally eloped with Tom, and everyone was surprised. I don't want to elope with Juan. I want a church wedding.
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During the period reported, psychiatric patients accounted for less than 2% of the ED population and nearly 3% of the patients who eloped.
The incident is the outcome of the love affair - the woman had eloped with the victim.
The girl was eloped with her own wish on January 1st and returned to home on January 8,' said Korangi investigations SP Hyder Raza.
FAISALABAD -- Police have arrested three suspects including two brothers in the gang rape of the 19-year-old girl after she had eloped and punished by the village council.
com/nikki-mudarris-love-triangle-blows-her-face-love-hip-hop-hollywood-season-3-episode-5-2418724) last week's episode of the VH1 show, the couple eloped because of the stress surrounding their wedding.
MUHAMMAD Ali Jinnah eloped with a girl 20 years younger to him .
PUL-I-KHUMRI (PAN): Hundreds of protesters held demonstration in northern Baghlan province on Monday, demanding the arrest of those involved in the killing of a boy and her girlfriend after they eloped one week back.
15 ( ANI ): The schoolboy, whose death triggered off large scale violence in Bihar's Madhubani District and led to a state-wide shutdown on Monday, was found in New Delhi along with a girl with whom he had eloped.
It is believed the pair - who met at the Bishop Bell School in East Sussex - eloped following an online confession Forrest is thought to have made on his blog.
An unmarried young boy and an unmarried girl who loved each other and wanted to get married had eloped because their families would not approve the marriage," Azad said.
They eloped to Scotland where they were married, returning to live in John's parents' house in Love Lane.
How much easier the whole thing could have been if Jennifer Wilbanks had just eloped with the guy behind the counter.
It's odd that a boy and girl sign have vanished - could they have eloped, we wonder?
A former Birmingham Labour councillor who lost his seat after failing to turn up to meetings for six months, when he eloped overseas, is bidding to become a Euro MP.