elope with

elope with (someone)

To marry someone suddenly and secretively. I wish I could just elope with my fiance, but my family is insistent that I have a big wedding.
See also: elope

elope with someone

to sneak away with someone and get married without much ceremony. Sally eloped with Tom, and everyone was surprised. I don't want to elope with Juan. I want a church wedding.
See also: elope
References in classic literature ?
He endeavored to prevail upon his quondam mistress to elope with him.
Yes, that's it, she means to elope with him, but what am I to do?
Why, it's true that I am going to marry Gavrila Ardalionovitch, that I love him and intend to elope with him tomorrow," cried Aglaya, turning upon her mother.
Blanche would never consent to wait until the Grandmother was dead, but would at once elope with the Prince or someone else.
In proposing to the object of my passion to elope with me to America or Switzerland, I may have cherished the deepest respect for her and may have thought that I was promoting our mutual happiness
He could have believed he was going to elope with her.
Based on a true story, this racy drama tells the tale of Seymour, Lady Worsley, who escaped her troubled marriage to Sir Richard Worsley (Shaun Evans) to elope with his best friend Captain George Bisset (Aneurin Barnard).
Her family is extremely worried that she'll do something crazy like elope with him," confirmed an insider to (http://hollywoodlife.
Summary: Yemeni court releases into UN custody Saudi woman who has crossed border illegally to elope with Yemeni man defying tradition in both conservative countries.
Shaker Qaid, a journalist from Ibb, said girls elope with people whom they love because they do not have a say about the man whom they wed.
Washington, May 10 ( ANI ): Helen Keller, whose remarkable story as the first deaf and blind person to obtain a bachelor's degree is widely known thanks to the film 'The Miracle Worker', had a love affair in her 30s, became secretly engaged and tried to elope with the man she loved, a new book has claimed.
Back in Series Two, bar owner Jack had fallen for Janice and asked her to elope with him -asked her to elope with him - andand now he's back to cause mischief for the married mum.
And the price is increasing (doubling) when the same women elope with a third man.
Gypsy was adapted from a book based on a memoir by June''s sister, the stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, and "Dainty June" is seen as a pampered girl who quits showbusiness to elope with a boy in her act, never to be heard from again.
What a secret to stumble across in your family history - a great great uncle who perished on the Titanic as he tried to elope with a young woman from a neighbouring Irish village and set up a new life in New York.