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elicit (something) from (someone)

1. To provoke something from someone, typically a specific reaction or emotion. Geez, what did you say to elicit such anger from Ben?
2. To obtain something from someone. Don't worry, our spy will elicit the documents we need from our enemies.
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elicit something from someone

to obtain information from someone. I hoped to elicit a statement from the mayor, but I could not reach her. Larry was not able to elicit anything new from Jane.
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This review aims to demonstrate the necessity for a new recipe or "cocktail" of plant nutrients based on EEs and NEEs, and elicitors apply to achieve both a high yield and crops nutraceutical quality.
Biotic elicitors as a means of increasing isoflavone concentration of soybean seeds.
As there were relatively few behavioral responses to sociomoral/sexual items, analysis of this class of elicitor alone was uninformative.
El efecto positivo del SiP sugiere que este elicitor puede estar asociado con la acumulacion de metabolitos secundarios relacionados con los mecanismos de defensa en plantas como los cardenolidos.
Esta situacion pudo deberse a que el contacto entre el elicitor y la masa de raices generado por la aspersion no fue suficiente, como si lo fue para las unidades experimentales de menor volumen y cultivos sumergidos, donde la probabilidad de interaccion entre la biomasa y el compuesto elicitor es mucho mayor y donde el estres mecanico tambien actua como precursor de la liberacion del metabolito al medio de cultivo (Dornenburg, H.
Thus, some researches have suggested that there is no need for symbolism to explain disgust, and that a pathogen-avoidance perspective can explain all disgust elicitors (Oaten et al.
A cultivated plant cell suspension culture with a high concentration of cell aggregates is an ideal target for the elicitor as cell aggregation is associated with secondary metabolite production (Bais et al.
OsCICR1 and OsCICR2 were involved in the response to bioactive GA in a dose-dependent manner and to N-acetylchitooligosaccharide elicitor in suspensioncultured rice cells (Day et al.
The addition of methyl jasmonate (MeJA) or jasmonic acid (JA) in the culture medium as an elicitor enhanced the anthocyanin production of Tulipa gesneriana and Vaccinium pahalae (Saniewski et al.
The first stage is the primary appraisal stage, which evaluates the relevance of the potential emotion elicitor to the individual.
If at the moment the plant is winning the arms race, then the secondary compounds stimulated by an elicitor will be effective in managing the pest.
Two lipoxygenase isoforms were upregulated within I d after elicitor application.
Conversely, a self-thought that is high in believability and personal importance may be a stronger conditioned elicitor that also functions as a more significant establishing operation, and serves as a basis for generating self-rules.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 4, 2006 - (JCN) - The National Institute of Agrobiological Science (NIAS) has discovered the protein 'CEBip', Chitin Elicitor Binding Protein and succeeded in the long awaited deciphering of the Amino-acid Sequence of the Elicitor, known as Chitin oligosaccharides.