elders and betters

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your elders and betters

people who are older than you and who should be treated with respect When we were children, we were always taught to respect our elders and betters.
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Second, states may also define elder abuse as the willful physical abuse or gross neglect of an "impaired adult" with resulting serious mental or physical harm that may be punishable as an aggravated assault.
Tatsuro Toyoda, the automaker's former president and an elder himself, suffered a debilitating stroke several years ago.
For more than two decades, George Elder served as a vice president of materials management and in other roles with SP Recycling, helping the subsidiary broaden its scope and widen its geographic reach.
For starters, elder LGBTs feel ignored, Hollibaugh said.
Inspired by the ideas of experimental composers like Cage, Iannis Xenakis, James Tenney and Udo Kasemetes, Elder uses aleatory techniques to reduce his influence over the creation of his films.
Eileen McKee, Toronto (West) Regional Elder Abuse Consultant, Ministry of Citizenship, Toronto.
However, academic research confirms the existence of significant amounts of financial elder abuse.
She also provides background information about elder care, and "under construction" is a planned series of links to providers of elder care products and services.
One elder said that during the appointed three minutes `the silence was so total that I felt I would meet something supernatural in the village square.
When Larry Elder talks about opportunity, people listen.
Primary caregivers can become overwhelmed with their responsibilities and may need a break to allow them to renew their resources and continue caring for an elder or person with a disability, or there may be no primary caregiver but the care receiver needs some assistance (e.
How to Make a Pastoral Visit, by Susan Swanney, Elder at Calvin, Abbotsford, BC.
Cardinal Dolan spent time at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention, the nation's first elder abuse shelter, located on the Hebrew Home's campus, talking with its team about the prevalence of elder abuse in New York City, and effective ways to detect and prevent it.
DEEP regret will be felt in Liverpool at the announcement of the death of Mr Alexander Elder, JP, which took place today at his residence in Southport.
This is why a local Elder is concerned with an apparent trend he has seen taking shape in Edmonton.