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effing and blinding

  (British & Australian informal)
swearing angrily
Usage notes: Effing here represents the letter 'F' as a way of avoiding saying 'fuck' or 'fucking'. Blinding comes from an old-fashioned phrase 'Blind me!'
I could hear Bill effing and blinding as he tried to repair the washing machine.
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and F-ing
mod. fucking. (Usually objectionable.) What an effing stupid idea! Who is that F-ing idiot.

effing around

and F-ing around
in. fucking around; messing around. (see also fuck around. Usually objectionable.) They were F-ing around with the switch and turned it on accidentally.
See also: around, effing
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Then he turned to me and said `As it happens,I effing well enjoyed it
Subsequently, though, Effing discovers that before departing for Utah he had conceived a child with his former wife, Elizabeth, which child the woman's brother had reared after she succumbed to insanity during childbirth.
Then, painting from the threshold of his Utah cavern in 1916, Effing runs through his tubes of pigment and his available canvases, and moreover consumes the available scenery itself, "as though he could feel the landscape vanishing before his eyes" (171).
The Greshams, a band of outlaws, show up to reclaim the booty on which Effing has been surviving in his cave.
He says: "All you have to do is effing deny everything because that's all I'm effing doing is denying it.
The next thing I know I've got the manager, a f***ing another manager, I got me effing wife, I've got friends, I've got me dad, I've got my f***ing sister, everybody on my f***ing back.
As far as I'm concerned, I have denied everything which is effing true.
TEARFUL Sharon Osbourne said yesterday she had her "worst effing Christmas", in the wake of Ozzy's quad bike accident.
Sharon said: "I had the worst effing Christmas of my life.
All I have said is I met you once for a couple of hours at Chris Evans' house and we had a chat and it was effing it.
And I said get off her effing back, get off my effing back and let me get on with our lives.
I just effing hope I don't effing swear'', she sighed before going on.