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economize on (something)

To reduce some expense in order to save money. Ugh, I can't believe Mom and Dad got rid of cable to economize on their bills.
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economize on something

to save money by cutting the cost of something. We will have to economize on our food budget. We can only economize on a few things.
See also: economize, on
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Facilities managers need every advantage to reduce energy spend from data centers, and for many facilities, using air-side economizers is the best choice to reduce costs for cooling.
It would not be necessary to do this, as it is possible to operate partial economizer with condenser water being fed to the chiller and heat exchanger in parallel.
Supply side process points for a unit similar to Figure 1 but with an air side economizer in lieu of Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling at summer design
The economizer increases the refrigerating capacity, therefore the economizer system was equipped with the significantly smaller scroll compressor with the capacity of 5.
2) Guest rooms served by fan coil units produced the cooling loads that were not served by an air economizer.
Taking into account the position of the heat economizer and the reducing number of the prefab elements and junctions, prefab panels of 2 m broad are chosen.
The economizer damper was configured to be manually controlled using a 2-10 V variable DC voltage source to the motor.
Today, new cooling system technology, particularly economizers and supplemental cooling systems, are available to slash electricity bills substantially.
Due to other system inefficiencies we are currently addressing, the result of these air handlers entering economizer mode is not necessarily less energy used by the system.
The researchers then examined the drag of deferred maintenance items on energy costs lighting controls, filters, fans, pumps, cooling tower, chillers, boilers, thermostats, humidity control, night setback, outside air ventilation and economizer cycle.
The occupant sets a thermostat and, when the outside air temperature is below the temperature setpoint, the economizer is triggered; it pulls air in from outside and flushes out the warm interior air with cooler exterior air, usually during the night.
2]-based demand-controlled ventilation DCV strategy integrated with the economizer operating strategy for air source heat pumps in schools, investigates their impact on the annual energy consumption, and determines the potential savings achieved in different USA locations.
The wastes will consist primarily of fly ash, bottom ash, economizer ash, cooling tower screenings and sediments, coal mill wastes, sediments from facility sumps, storm water ditches and impoundments, and other waste streams generated by SWEPCO, department spokeswoman Cecillea Pond-Mayo reported.