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be economical with the truth

To be deceitful; to lie. I wouldn't trust him—everyone says he's economical with the truth. When I walked into a house full of teenagers, I knew that my kids had been economical with the truth when they said they'd only invite a few friends over.
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economical with the truth

Euph. untruthful. The mayor was known to be economical with the truth. I discovered that my boss had been economical with the truth when she said that the company was making money.
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be economical with the truth

to not be completely honest about something He was economical with the truth - he gave her a censored account of what was discussed.
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But he had learned how to be economical, and out of that four dollars he went on saving money.
After a sordid opposition from an economical minority, my condition of departure was accepted.
Should n't wonder if that bit of nonsense had kept me economical, honest, and hard at it, for I never opened my pocket-book that I did n't think of you.
May Sethby wondered if it would have been different had they of the Junta been more economical in the past.
They examined it under all its different aspects, physical, meteorological, economical, or moral, up to its bearings on politics or civilization.
Using tires as a fuel source is both economical and environmentally sound, the company says, while opponents argue it will increase production of a suspected carcinogen.
Maac Machinery has upgraded its Comet line of single-station thermoformers to include an economical vacuum former designed to handle most cut-sheet applications.
But Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, now slightly more economical thanks to a depreciating real, may be surprised by their travel expenses at the World Cup.
As a prototypical application of cardboard technology, this ingenious little building shows that a commonplace material has tantalizing potential for an economical and environmentally responsive architecture that need not literally cost the earth.
The NetApp NearStore R100 provides economical, scalable, and easily managed secondary storage that integrates seamlessly within enterprise network infrastructures.
The CES technology makes it easier and more economical to collect and sequester C[O.
NEW YORK -- Economical Essentials for Do-It-Yourselfers: Amid the economic downturn, more people are tackling home repair and improvement projects on their own.
Air France-KLM has set out strict conditions for further economical commitment in Italy's struggling Alitalia airline, such as the culling of 5,000 employments.
In response to the growing need for Canadian businesses to defend against the risks and costs of privacy breaches, Economical Insurance [sup.
But be careful - the older, cheaper-to-buy cars are not usually as economical to run.
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