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be in eclipse

To be dwindling in success or popularity. Sure, that author was big 10 years ago, but her career is in eclipse now, and I doubt her new book will be a big seller.
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in eclipse

(slightly formal)
thought of as less important or as having less value By the time he died, the novelist and his work were in eclipse.
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be in eclipse

if something is in eclipse, it is less successful than it was before His career was in eclipse until he made a comeback in this surprise hit film.
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References in classic literature ?
I have worked out the reckonings as well as I can, without knowing our exact position; and I make out that the eclipse should begin here about ten o'clock tomorrow night, and last till half-past twelve.
I hope that eclipse will come off," said Sir Henry presently.
If it does not it will soon be all up with us," I answered mournfully; "for so sure as we are living men some of those chiefs will tell the whole story to the king, and then there will be another sort of eclipse, and one that we shall certainly not like.
I am waiting for that eclipse," I answered; "I have had my eye on the moon for the last half-hour, and I never saw it look healthier.
I saw the black central shadow of the eclipse sweeping towards me.
Then the minister came, and in that overshadowing presence the lesser lights went into eclipse.
If we had started when there was an eclipse of the moon, all our passage would have been in the shadow, which would have been a pity.
In that brief interval of time the storm clouds had moved on, covering the sun so completely that it was dark as an eclipse.
During this long period these fables seem to have suffered an eclipse, to have disappeared and to have been forgotten; and it is at the commencement of the fourteenth century, when the Byzantine emperors were the great patrons of learning, and amidst the splendors of an Asiatic court, that we next find honors paid to the name and memory of Aesop.
Thus, after an eclipse of many centuries, Babrias shines out as the earliest, and most reliable collector of veritable Aesopian Fables.
In the mean time very unexpected things had happened, and there was to be a family party at Garum to discuss and celebrate a change in the fortunes of the Tullivers, which was likely finally to carry away the shadow of their demerits like the last limb of an eclipse, and cause their hitherto obscured virtues to shine forth in full-rounded splendor.
Al Ain Sky-watchers in the UAE and the Middle East will be able to witness nature's grand spectacle on the night of June 15 when the moon will present one of the longest total lunar eclipses of the century.
The rare astronomical event of triple eclipses starting from July this year will occur across the world including Pakistan.
Solar eclipses are highly dangerous if viewed without proper protection, Mosley warned.