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at (something's) lowest ebb

In a state of decline; less or lower than the typical standard or expectation. The charity struggled to help those in need, as outside donations were at their lowest ebb in years.
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low ebb

A state of decline. The economy is at a low ebb with no hope of recovery in the near future.
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at a low ebb

At a low point, like the receding tide. Please don't give me any more bad news—I'm already at a low ebb. Interest in the local soccer team is really at a low ebb, thanks to all those losing seasons.
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ebb and flow

to decrease and then increase, as with tides; a decrease followed by an increase, as with tides. The fortunes of the major political parties tend to ebb and flow over time. The ebb and flow of democracy through history is a fascinating subject.
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ebb away

to recede; to subside; to flow back. His life ebbed away little by little. As the sunlight ebbed away, the sky took on a grayish color.
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the ebb and flow of something

the continually changing character of something There is a normal ebb and flow in nature, for example, when there is just the right amount of rain and when there is not enough.
Usage notes: often said about something that regularly gets larger and smaller: There's a constant ebb and flow of traffic on the highway.
Related vocabulary: ups and downs
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at (a) low ebb

(slightly formal) also at its lowest ebb
below the usual condition or standard The divorce comes at a time when Jackson's career is at a low ebb. Support for the arts has reached its lowest ebb and we hope it won't go any lower.
Related vocabulary: up to par
See also: ebb, low

the ebb and flow

the way in which the level of something frequently becomes higher or lower in a situation (often + of ) The government did nothing about the recession, hoping it was just part of the ebb and flow of the economy.
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a low ebb

a bad state (not used with the ) Respect for the police is at a low ebb. I'd just separated from my wife and was at a fairly low ebb. (= was feeling sad and without hope) Relations between the two countries have reached their lowest ebb (= are the worst they have been) since the second world war.
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at a low ebb

At a low point, in a state of decline or depression. For example, The current recession has put our business at a low ebb. This idiom transfers the low point of a tide to a decline in human affairs. [Mid-1600s]
See also: ebb, low

ebb and flow

A decline and increase, constant fluctuations. For example, He was fascinated by the ebb and flow of the Church's influence over the centuries. This expression alludes to the inward and outward movement of ocean tides. [Late 1500s]
See also: and, ebb, flow
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