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My mother was a voodoo, my father was a snake; I live upon lions' hearts and the entrails of the panther; I eat young babies for breakfast and the demons of the jungle are my slaves.
Cook and eat young tender shoots, whole young leaves, and leaflets of older leaves like spinach," Hargrave recommends.
He was told he faced life in jail and had served 21 months before a judge overturned his conviction for a plot to kidnap, kill and eat young women because he believed it was just "role-play".
However newly-planted trees cannot survive in these locations without protection from farm animals, who like to eat young trees, so fencing is needed to protect the trees too.
Since clownfish use smell to stay safe, the scientists then exposed baby fish in high-CO2 water to bigger fish that eat young clownfish.
Cook it like spinach - stems, leaves and stalks, or eat young in salad.
The wallabies are one of the factors as they can eat young tree saplings and this influences the regeneration of the woodlands.
For example, baboons eat young antelope and dung beetles in elephant dung, but antelope and elephants move around.
SWIM WITH THE DEVIL While Foster looked for missing females, Lauren Pintor and Soluk were investigating a question that might have seemed--at first--like a no-brainer: Were crayfish that eat young Hinds emerald larvae bad for the long-term survival of the endangered species?
The pikeminnow eat young salmon in greatest numbers downstream of the Bonneville Dam, in Bonneville and The Dalles reservoirs and somewhat less in the John Day reservoir and Snake River.
I SHOWED my mate last week's Sunday People headline, "Black Widow Emma Will Eat Young Major Alive".
After harvesting buds, you can peel, steam, and eat young, tender parts
They found that the Mongolians refused to eat young animals.