eat for breakfast

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eat somebody/something for breakfast

to deal with someone or something easily and completely People say she eats her competitors for breakfast. He is a level-headed guy who eats pressure for breakfast.
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eat somebody for breakfast

to speak angrily to someone, or to criticize someone My boss would eat me for breakfast if I asked for more money.
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44% of kids say they choose what they eat for breakfast all the time; 31% of parents say their kids regularly choose what they eat for breakfast.
The children learnt what is good for you to eat for breakfast and the variety of goods that children eat for breakfast.
95) sounds good enough to eat for breakfast with wheat,ginger, water lily, juniper,jasmine and fig extracts.
Pemberton, who says he had a tremendous sweet tooth, is no longer eating the sausage, eggs, bread, two doughnuts, and coffee he used to eat for breakfast.
This is a book that will appeal to those who like to know what princes eat for breakfast (cereal and fresh fruit) and who teaches them to drive (Sgt Chris Gilbert of the Metropolitan Police).
It's what families eat for breakfast at home," says Kalyta.
I'm also an audience member, and I don't like seeing films when I know what the actors eat for breakfast and who they're dating.
The truth is: what you eat for breakfast is more important than if you eat breakfast.
The results of an open-ended question which asked "What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks on the previous day?