eat away

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eat something away

to erode something; to consume something bit by bit. The acid ate the finish away. It ate away the finish.
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1 -- color) North American Scientific makes radioactive brachytherapy seeds, the size of a rice grain, that can be implanted in a cancer patient's prostate to eat away at the tumor.
However, he cautions businesses about using revolving credit, which provides easy access to funding but can eat away at your cash on hand with high interest rates.
When leaked or released, CFCs drift into the upper atmosphere and eat away at the ozone layer that normally shields the earth from solar radiation.
While there is still a large amount of vacant space overhanging the market, there is also a backlog of space needs, unfilled during the Gulf crisis, that is beginning to eat away at it.
Still, the fact that most large corporations turn a profit perpetuates the myth that they are paradigms of efficiency, even as foreign competitors and small domestic firms eat away at their profit margins.
The continuing healthy macroeconomic conditions were mainly responsible, particularly as rising disposable income and lower unemployment encouraged consumers to eat away from home.
But until they rid their sport of the politically and racist fuelled 'Ultra' mentality, the cancer will continue to eat away at their sport.
Because the bacterial infections behind periodontal disease provoke an immune reaction that can eat away the jawbone, dentist Bruce A.
Flames had begun to eat away at a ceiling immediately below the boys' bedroom when the alarm was activated.
Injuries continue to eat away at the Bruins as broken collarbones sideline the entire offensive line.
You can buy Treasuries through your broker or your bank, but the transaction fee you have to pay will eat away at your final profit.