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My own gardens--they would make a crazy patchwork of sizes and shapes, successes and failures--were always a point of contact with that easiness.
But since when is easiness a criterion for what kind of stories ought to get done?
It enables ultralow power consumption and easiness of being integrated in small form factor modules.
It gained popularity due to it long endurance capabilities in the air, cost-effectiveness, and easiness to operate.
During the meeting, a number of economic and development issues were addressed, among which are the orientations and perspectives of the Agricultural Development Council, and a presentation from the General Investment Authority, regarding the level of the Kingdom's competitiveness, in the domain of business performance easiness.
It provides easiness for users as it is more flexible and lightweight.
Raghav Gupta, founder and CEO of WeatherSphere, who launched his first app in 2012 stated, The biggest differentiator has been the easiness to use of the radar map .
A Saudi investment delegation recently visited Sudan unveiled a royal directive issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdallah bin Abdal-Aziz on investment in Sudan, referring to the easiness of the procedures in Sudan in comparison with a number of other countries.
He noted that ODB has recently adopted many funding solutions that have contributed to the easiness with which SMEs' get the required finance, especially those which lack guarantees and capital , as ODB has adopted with the competent authorities the loan guarantee program for commercial banks offering a 50% Government guarantee to the governmental bank of the loan granted to the investor.
With the dip in gold prices by 27 to 28 percent internationally, we expect a slight easiness in gold imports.
This visual effect creates a special atmosphere of joy and easiness.
Soon after eating food, they began feeling easiness and started vomiting.
If this is the case, why doesn't he then, instead of running off to Washington, leave for Tirana and with much greater easiness, since it is matter of the same people, help solving the problem which is not at all coincidental because Albania is the only country in the region that has not officially recognized the constitutional name of Macedonia.
He termed the new visa regime easiness a 'good omen' and said this will bring the Pak India people closer.
The fact how leader of BDI Ali Ahmeti, with such easiness is trying to manipulate Albanians for the alleged "successes," that his party achieved over the last decade, is astounding, analyzes Ilijaz Halimi in Tuesday's commentary.