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In addition to the system's flexibility, Centrex service offers businesses ease of scalability.
Ease Entertainment is in the enviable position of strategically growing our company, as our production software and payroll services become known as the best and most advanced in the industry," said Ease Founder & CEO Mike Rose.
In the Committee discussion of policy for the intermeeting period ahead, nearly all the members indicated that they favored or could support a proposal to ease slightly the current degree of pressure on reserve positions.
For example, when a retailer gets a commitment for an annual subscription to USSB Entertainment Plus programming, and the retailer uses EASe to report it, the retailer will earn 15 points.
Of a multitude of new and improved features in version 4, the enhancements to assembly relationships offer even greater productivity and ease of use.
A majority favored and the others could accept a related suggestion to retain the current asymmetry toward ease that had been incorporated in recent directives.
Our Web-centric, standards-based architecture allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition in the areas of ease of use, ease of deployment, and integration with existing IT assets," said Kia Behnia, Marimba's vice president of marketing.
While none of these members wanted to rule out the potential need to ease monetary policy significantly further, they preferred to pause and wait for additional evidence before such action was taken, especially given the further stimulus that could be anticipated from previous easing moves.
consumer confidence report, coupled with what were viewed as pessimistic comments about the economy by Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan, revived expectations that the Federal Reserve would move soon to ease monetary policy.
2E offers unprecedented security and ease of deployment and unique drag-and-drop automated configuration tools.
The other members indicated that they could support an asymmetric directive toward ease though they preferred a symmetric intermeeting instruction, especially in the context of the further stimulus that could be expected to result over time from the earlier monetary easing actions.
Most also preferred to retain the current instruction in the directive that did not bias possible intermeeting adjustments toward ease or toward restraint.
Products from MDC Technology will be embedded in Fisher-Rosemount's DeltaV(tm) automation system to offer extraordinary ease of implementation and a higher return on customer investment for these important business improvement applications.
Many people thought that the United States might be the only G-7 member to ease monetary policy in the near term.
Sonic Solutions announced today at the Audio Engineering Society Convention (AES) that Audio Ease and Prosoniq have become the newest members in Sonic's HDSP(TM) Partners Program -- a partnership between Sonic and leading developers of audio processing technology to deliver a full range of processing applications for 24-bit, 96 kHz High-Density Audio(TM) and in both stereo and surround formats.