ease down

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ease (someone or something) down

(from something ) to bring someone or something downward from something gently. The rescuers eased the injured hiker down from the mountain. They eased down the hiker carefully.
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For the weekend, the winds will ease down a little, with a moderate to fresh westerly wind and occasional rain.
Once given a reminder, the 7-1 shot stretched even further clear - and was even able to ease down in coming home four lengths clear of Spirit Of France.
THE Flat season is now on the home straight but Sir Michael Stoute is never one to ease down before crossing the line.
But when he was held by the winner, Celtic Step, the jockey appeared to ease down only to be caught on the line and beaten a short head for the runner-up's slot by Western Adventure.
For a Saturday night on the town, they'd head north to San Fernando and ease down the main drag.
You're training to a peak, then have to ease down for a few days, then you train to a peak again and then have to ease down again.