ease away

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ease away (from someone or something)

to pull away from someone or something slowly and carefully. The great ship eased away from the pier. The ship eased away slowly.
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A far more fluent second half from Cardiff saw them ease away to a comfortable 28-0 win.
With aloe vera to soothe and glycolic acid to ease away fine lines, Anthony's Glycolic Facial Cleanser, right, will help hold back the years.
Current hybrids are best at stop-and-go driving--and only if you are willing to ease away from a stop so gently and accelerate so gingerly as to incur the wrath of your fellow drivers.
Rock Ferry Social's 3-1 win over relegated Rangers Brakes saw them ease away from relegation, while Heygarth United eased home 3-0 against fellow strugglers Hornby.
Sometimes, after a long day of taking orders from your supervisor, you need to seek relief from the daily grind to ease away the stress.
Track spokesman Bob Sabot said that raising the money throughout the season for Children's Hospital will help the track to ease away from trying to raise a large chunk of money in a very short period of time.
Still ill at ease away from their old familair haunts, hundreds upon thousands of sunburnt Britons found reassurance in cafes which promised "Tea Just Like Mother Makes
Meanwhile Munster wrapped up Pool 6 as they secured a 20-7 win with some ease away to Gloucester and Edinburgh clocked up a 27-16 win against Perpignan.
Simply place on your tummy using the sticky patches to ease away cramps.
These are traditional remedies, which will ease away some of that tension over the Christmas period.
GARY Hackett insists there is more to come from hat-trick hero Leon Broadhurst as Stourbridge look to ease away from the relegation quicksand.
EASE away that tight feeling after shaving with Boots' Time Delay Wrinkle Defence After-shave balm, pounds 3.