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AAdvantage members can earn up to 60,000 bonus miles between March 2 and May 26, on American's new flights from Dallas Love Field and DFW to Kansas City, St.
A total of 6,527 LAUSD employees earn more than $80,000.
If A-Rod duplicates his statistics from last year, he'll earn about $170,270 per game, $45,487 for each at bat, $144,000 a hit, and $8,867 for every pitch.
For example, if you were able to invest only $100 a month and placed it in a vehicle that produced an average annual return of 6%, you would earn $16,470 within 10 years.
Also, starting next year, childless workers aged 25 through 64 will for the first time be entitled to a much more modest EITC windfall if they earn less than $9,000.
ADI will create and permanently bank educational transcripts for all persons who earn Basic, Senior or Master AFIP Certifications nationwide.
At participating dealerships, customers can earn miles in their choice of programs (Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, America West Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways) when having their cars serviced and, in some cases, for vehicle purchases.
A sheriff's sergeant earns $63,264 - the lowest of all the agencies by $960 to $4,440.
If you work and earn less than $38,000, you may qualify for a substantial refund - perhaps as much as 6,000.
Therefore, since the subpart F inclusion occurs when the CFC earns the income, the ACE adjustment should arise in that same year.
If Teck Cominco elects and earns its additional interest under the Second Earn-in, the parties initial joint venture interest will be 70% Teck Cominco, 30% Mena.
To generate excitement around the consumer launch of the NASCAR RacePoints program, Stoneacre Partners introduces a 1,000 Bonus Point promotion for anyone who signs into the NASCAR RacePoints site before September 30, 2005 and earns 5,000 points before December 31, 2005.
Should Ivanhoe not elect to earn an additional interest after it earns its minimum 51%, Entree may purchase the controlling 2% interest for US$400,000 in cash or exploration expenditures, thus becoming the operator of the project.
But more can be done to ensure that everyone who earns these dollars gets and keeps all the dollars for which they qualify.